Throwing a party?

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Don't Panic, design.

I am a self-taught designer, with over 10 years of experience working in copy and print.  Understanding the different printing methods available informs how I setup and design invitations, and I learn more everyday. After working with hundreds of people over the years, I understand the importance of collaborative process and have an intuition that helps get to the heart of what my customers are looking for. I have a simple aesthetic, and I work to create beautiful, elegant, and fun designs that can be easily and economically printed. I'm inspired by customers, and love bringing their ideas to life.

Any designs can be customized with information and color.  They aren't just templates, they are ideas. If you have your own idea, but need someone to create it, let me know. I'm up for the challenge and feel best when I create something that someone loves; when it looks just the way they imagined.