Design the world you want to live in.

Spark Mountain Design because I love that as technology grows and evolves, our world gets smaller. I love that the reach of the internet inspires people to start their own businesses.

I'm a designer, a problem solver, and a Montana girl. I have over a decade of experience working in print, and another six years of experience as a graphic designer. I love creating, walking, and DIY-ing everything. I have a fresh, modern, aesthetic, and I work to create beautiful designs that can be used and printed easily. More than anything though, I am inspired by my clients; by their businesses, their missions, their style, and I love bringing their ideas to life.

Design as Collaboration

I started my first business in 2009, designing wedding invitations.  It grew to include other wedding stationery, then wedding adjacent events. Since then, I created pieces for school fundraisers and auctions, helped small business with brochures and flyers, created pieces for non-profits, and last year I worked on a School Board Campaign.

Before that, I started out at a print shop, helping creating wedding and party invitation designs, resumes, business cards, and printing invitations, programs, and presentations. That was over 15 years ago. I got that job in the first place because of my love of office supplies, and I what I learned from working there is how much impact a well designed project can have. And after working with hundreds of people over the years, I have learned the most important element the design process: collaboration. What results through collaboration is more than a logo, or a brochure, or a flyer: it's the physical manifestation of your ideas.


The thing that I love is making average things looks great.  It's thinking over how you can take a bunch of information and present it in a way that is eye-catching, digestible, and begs to be looked at again and again. Nothing makes me sadder than plain, homemade signs hanging up in a coffee shop or a business. No matter how simple, every piece deserves a little spark.

There are a lot of reasons to DIY anything in life.  But you have a lot to do, and you can’t do everything. Only 24 hours in a day means you have to prioritize how you spend your time. Forgive yourself for not being an expert in everything.  Focus on what’s important to you - the customers, content and products of your business.  I like to think about it as DIY with a little help. You create the content, I make it look beautiful.

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The Rest of the Story

I have two shops on  In Don't Panic Design, you'll find an invitation or printable for kind of party you can imagine.  Or, you can order something custom. In Don't Panic, Organize! you'll find calendars for organizing and fun, and other organizing pages for your business, life and home.

Also, I have an obsession with spacing.
Seriously, spacing is everything.

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